The Board at MP


The Board is a boutique management firm located within MP Paris that specializes in the management and development of top models. The Board works in every major market around the world, managing and guiding the careers of top models at the highest level of the modeling industry. In addition, The Board manages models whom our management team feels have the potential to become stars and role models. In overseeing models careers, The Board employs a comprehensive approach which includes managing models on-line and off-line careers. All models managed by The Board must work with a charity and make giving back an important part of their career and life. The Board at MP works with every: top modeling agency, high end designer, important brand and fashion magazine around the world.


The principles of The Board have managed and guided the careers of the most important models in the modeling industry for the past three decades. Paul Fisher, Matteo Puglisi and Giorgia Grosso are three of the top managers of models in the modeling business today.

Paul Fisher

is the host / star of the hit TV series, I can make you a Supermodel and has been the personal agent for the most famous Supermodels in the world.

Matteo Puglisi

is the​ worldwide ​ CEO of MP ​ management , one of the leading​ networks of ​ modeling​ ​ ​and talent ​agencies in the world.

Giorgia Grosso

has been representing star models for the past seven (7) years at the top agencies in Paris.